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Head of the Consular Section – Ramil Rashitovich Shamsutdinov.
Address: 4 km, Avenue Mohammed VI, Rabat.
Phone: +212 (0) 5-37-75-35-45
Fax: +212 (0) 5-37-75-35-90
Email mail: rabat@dks.ru (before you write to us, make sure that the information you are interested in is not available on the website of the consular department)
The consular department telephone number for receiving emergency messages:
+212 (0) 6-62-07-61-56

This mobile phone number is intended exclusively for calls from Russian citizens in case of emergency (your life is in danger, you have suffered as a result of unlawful actions of third parties, a terrorist attack, in the event of a natural disaster, etc.). Inquiries by the specified phone number are not given, an appointment is not made.

Office hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
From 09.30 to 12.30

Consular district:
In accordance with the changes in the territorial-administrative division of the Kingdom of Morocco (Decree No. 2-15-40 dated February 20, 2015, determining the number of regions, their names, administrative centers, as well as those included in the regions of the prefecture and province), the consular department of the Russian Embassy in Morocco exercises consular functions in the following regions of Morocco (including provinces)
· Rabat region – Sale – Kenitra : Rabat (Rabat), Sale (Sale), Shkirat-Temara (Skhirat-Temara), Kenitra (Kenitra), Khemisset (Khemisset), Sidi Kacem (Sidi Kacem), Sidi Slimane (Sidi Slimane) ;
· Region of Tangier – Tetuan – Al Hoceima : Tangier-Assila (Tanger-Assilah), m’diq-Fnideq (M’diq-Fnideq), Tetouan (Tetouan), Fahs-Anzhra (Fahs-Anjra), Larache (Larache), Al Al Hoceima, Chefchaouen, Ouazzane;
· Oriental, Region : Oujda-Angad (Oujda-Angad), Nador (Nador), Driuesh (Driouech), Gerardo (Jerada), Berkane (Berkane), Taourirt (Taourirt), Gersif (Guercif), Figuig (Figuig);
· Fes region – Meknes : Fez (Fes), Meknes (Meknes), Hazheb (Hajeb), Ifrane (Ifrane), Moulay Yacoub (Moulay Yacoub), Sefrou (Sefrou), Boulemane (Boulmane), Taounate (Taounate), Taza ( Taza).

The consular section of the Russian Embassy in Morocco carries out reception by appointment via the Internet on such issues as: registration and acquisition of citizenship of the Russian Federation, verification of citizenship and withdrawal from citizenship of the Russian Federation, as well as registration of foreign passports of all types and entering children in the passports of parents, notarial questions, registration of certificates and retrieval of documents from Russia. You can make an appointment on the website: http://rabat.kdmid.ru

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that in order to ensure the smooth operation of the “electronic queue”, the following rules should be observed:
1. In the course of registration, you should indicate the details of the visitor who will come to the reception. “Transfer” of the recording to another person is not provided. When several family members apply, a record for each visitor is formed separately. When applying for Russian citizenship and a passport for children under 18 years old, it is necessary to indicate the details of one of the parents.
2. The computer program used to form the “electronic queue” does not imply the possibility of registering one visitor on the same question several times on different dates. Information about visitors who made an appointment two or more times is automatically deleted by the program. If such an entry was made by accident or you need to change the date and time of your visit, please use the code you received to delete all unnecessary entries.
3. Reception on each specific day is carried out only on those issues for which there is an appointment. To carry out several consular actions at your request, you must sign up for each of them separately.
4. Visitors go to the premises of the consular section (CO) in accordance with the registration on the day of admission. The printout with the date and time of the appointment does not constitute a pass to the consular post. If for any reason you canceled your appointment and deleted the application from our electronic database, then to visit the KO you need to re-register so that the information about your visit will be included in the updated database on the day of admission.

Please send all your messages to the email address of the Consular Section rabat@dks.ru
Veuillez adresser tous vos messages à l’adresse email de la Section consulaire rabat@dks.ru
Please send all your messages to the e-mail address of the Consular section rabat@dks.ru